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‘THE PINK CAB’ was created by us; Tina and Mark Stevenson. We decided to set up a cab business that was surprisingly different to anybody else’s.

Our objective was to create awareness from the very beginning, hence the colour. The idea behind this came from a pair of pink boots that I gave Tina for Christmas in 2008. Along with the bright colour and the fact that it is an LTI (sorry Taxi talk) London Cab is certainly creating awareness
and spreading the word……

“Oh look, here comes THE PINK CAB” says it all.

‘THE PINK CAB’ is proving to be very popular with our female customers who not only recognize the distinctive colour but also enjoy the luxury of the space that a London Cab provides.
Even the school kiddies wave and call out “Cool Cab” on their route to school. ‘THE PINK CAB’ is certainly becoming a celebrity in its own right.

Those of you that have been lucky enough to hitch a ride in a cab whilst in London will know London cabs partition the customer off from the driver. This not only provides customer safety and security but also safety for the driver. As a result of this our customers tell us that they feel safe and at ease,
coming back to us time and again.

We decided to install the latest technology into
with state of the art CCTV,
the first in Wiltshire!
The CCTV comprises of two cameras, one positioned filming the driver and the other pointing into the rear cabin giving our customers further safety and security. The images are downloaded onto a hard drive and stored for a period of thirty days after which point they are automatically deleted.

Not only CCTV but also the latest GPRS chip and pin technology so you no longer need to make sure you have enough notes in your wallet for that late night/early morning trip home. It means that our customers have no need to ask for expensive diversions to the ‘hole in the wall’.

‘THE PINK CAB’ is proving to be very popular with Hen Parties and School Proms. Your arrival is everything and you will certainly get a “Wow!” turning up to your event in

It is also proving a popular choice for Weddings with interest spreading far and wide. So may be a funeral next for a fantastic send off…who knows!!!

And finally…

‘THE PINK CAB’ is licensed to carry up to six people with the added benefit of disabled access.

So now you know more about us.

If you would like to discuss your particular requirements either give us a call on 079 6003 6003 or more conveniently for you please fill in our enquiry form (on the link below) and we will be delighted to quote for your special event.


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